About Us

HVL-Well Wellness Corporation is a health and wellness company that provides a holistic and natural approach to our clients well-being. We educate and teach sustainable life skills to all our clients through implementing good habits and creating a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. By working together, our clients feel fulfilled and satisfied in life.

Our Mission

We help empower you to reach your highest potential mentally, physically and spiritually, through the lens of self-awareness and positive-psychology.


Our programs are designed to meet your needs and goals. We make sure nobody is left behind in this journey of becoming the best vision of themselves!

CEO - Harold Chatman

Harold Chatman has always had a passion for Health & Fitness. As a young boy growing up in Houston, TX, being active has always brought peace & happiness to his life. He remembers his mother making sure he took his vitamins in the morning & starting his morning routine. His family has always empowered him through positive influence and doing what makes him happy. Life has not always been easy for Harold being a former police officer, working to find his place in society. He has had struggles with his own health in the past while starting his entrepreneurship journey.


Now as a holistic health & wellness coach and the owner of HVL-Well Coaching & Training Center. Harold is looking to empower and educate his audience about becoming the best version of yourself, by implementing good habits and creating a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.




- AFPA: Health & Wellness Coach
- ISSA: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Strength & Condition, Elite Trainer Awarded By ISSA

-The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology: Life Coaching