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Strawberry Lemonade - Collagen Peptides

Strawberry Lemonade - Collagen Peptides

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Ingredient Contents

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen (5,000MG)

In a world of beauty and wellness, where excellence meets elegance, our Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen emerges as a radiant choice.

  • Derived from pristine ocean sources, fish collagen offers a higher bioavailability, ensuring your skin, hair, and nails receive the nourishment they deserve with grace and precision.

  • Free from the concerns of impurities or allergens, our fish collagen is the epitome of purity, inviting you to savor the luxurious essence of skin renewal and timeless beauty.

  • With its unique composition, fish collagen has smaller, more refined peptides, which allow for faster absorption and deeper penetration, creating an unmatched symphony of wellness and radiance.

A testament to refined beauty and vitality, offering supreme support for skin, joints, and bone health as a stand-alone masterpiece.

Hyaluronic Acid (110MG)

A Symphony of Elegance for Youthful Vitality. Step into a world where beauty and vitality harmoniously unite. With 110MG of pure luxury, this Hyaluronic Acid infusion is your gateway to a captivating realm of hydration and rejuvenation. As it gracefully embraces your skin, it doesn't just replenish; it orchestrates a transformation, turning your skin into a sanctuary of enduring beauty and unwavering resilience. Experience the timeless allure of Hyaluronic Acid, where elegance meets ageless vibrancy

Bamboo Extract (100MG)

Discover the ancient beauty and strength of Bamboo, elegantly crafted to bestow you with healthy bones, radiant teeth, and impeccable nails. Unlock the timeless allure of your skin and cultivate the growth of lush, resplendent hair. Experience the enchantment of Bamboo Extract, where nature's elegance meets your well-being.

Vitamin E (100MG)

Delve into the world of timeless beauty and enduring health with the luxurious embrace of this powerful antioxidant. Enrich your skin with a touch of radiance and renewal, as you bask in the rejuvenating essence of Vitamin E. Experience the unparalleled refinement it brings to your well-being, leaving you with a lasting, elegant glow.

Vitamin C (60MG)

The Epitome of Radiance and Resilience. Step into a world of timeless beauty and enduring vitality, where the brilliance of this revitalizing antioxidant reigns supreme. Luxuriate in the radiant glow it imparts to your skin, while it fortifies your health and strengthens your natural resilience. Experience the unparalleled elegance of Vitamin C, your gateway to an ageless and vibrant allure.

Vitamin B3 (20MG)

B3, also known as niacin, plays a crucial role in energy metabolism, skin health, and the proper functioning of the nervous system. It aids in the conversion of food into energy and contributes to DNA repair. Maintaining sufficient B3 intake is vital for supporting overall well-being.

Vitamin D3 (25MG)

Vitamin D3 provides numerous health benefits, such as enhancing calcium absorption for robust bones, bolstering immune system function, and contributing to overall cardiovascular well-being. Additionally, it plays a role in regulating mood and may lower the risk of specific chronic diseases.

  • Skin Elasticity

    As we age, collagen production decreases, leading to a loss of skin elasticity. Supplementing can enhance skin elasticity by replenishing and fortifying this vital protein, helping the skin maintain its firmness, smoothness, and youthful appearance.

  • Strengthens Hair & Nails

    Collagen strengthens hair by preventing breakage, promoting hair growth, and supporting strong hair follicles. It also enhances nail resilience by aiding in the production of keratin, resulting in healthier, less brittle nails.

  • Aids In Digestion & Immune Function

    Collagen aids digestion by supporting a healthy gut lining, enhancing nutrient absorption, and potentially repairing leaky gut issues. It also benefits the immune system by providing essential amino acids, antioxidants, and reducing inflammation, promoting overall well-being.

  • Hydrate Skin

    Collagen helps skin stay hydrated by retaining moisture, supporting the skin's barrier, promoting hyaluronic acid production, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It contributes to a youthful and plump appearance.

#1 Collagen Supplement In the World

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ellie Schmus
Love the flavor!

They aren’t lying when they say this is the best tasting collagen! I love the flavor, it’s delish!


So far so good


My entire family has been drinking this for a few weeks now. My Husband, daughter, and I love the taste. The best part is that it cleared up my pregnancy acne. I’m looking forward to what the next couple of weeks bring.

Lydia Jensen
Peach Mango Collagen

I really love the taste and how pretty it’s made my skin look and feel. Definitely gonna keep this in my daily regimen. Thank you so much Harold!

Strawberry Lemonade

The Strawberry Lemonade is soooo good! I’ve been taking HVL-Well Glow Vibrant Collagen a little over a year now and I see big difference in my hair, skin and joints. The ingredients are natural and great and the taste is delicious! Big fan of this collagen, looking forward to more flavors 😋.